The Dragon Lords

by Anita Primrose

Love can be blind, but it can also be deadly.

Abigail never expected to make it this far. Now, here she was, standing before the royals of the court, having her magic examined by the King and the First of the Arcanum.
She was supposed to design the queen’s wardrobe.
She wasn’t supposed to be some magical, mythical Angel of the Elements, the only being with the ability to manipulate the core energies of their planet.

The King calls for the Dragons to teach her how to harness this newfound ability, but while these males have education on the mind, hers keeps turning to other things. Things like the very physical reactions their very presence draws from her body.

When their bond becomes more than just one of obligation, experience says it could be the beginning of the end. But with the threat of the Dark Star looming, there’s no time to explore these strange new feelings inside her for the dragons who keep her company. She’s got to keep the world–and herself–safe.

But can she do that without losing her life, and this newfound bond in the process?

Sometimes, the strongest power of all is that of true love.

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Category: Fantasy Romance