The Don’s Deadly Games

by Judy Hale

The most dangerous man in Chicago has painted a target on my back.
Now, I’m stuck with the very man who wants me dead.

I was just a therapist hiding from my past until I broke the cardinal rule: never get involved with a client.
My judgment came swiftly and in the form of the ultimate predator: Nico Vitelli.

He looks like sin, tastes like caramel, and loves to play with his prey. I can’t resist his dark pull.
And on a forced road trip, I let him strip me bare and make me scream.

Suddenly, I’m plunged into a mafia war and back into the world I was running from.
Only this time, it’s too late to back out; I’ve fallen for the delicious monster.
And my would-be assassin has become the twisted savior I never knew I needed.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance