The Don – of the Underworld

by Hazel Storm

The Don of the Underworld just moved to town. And I need him to save my brother…by selling him my soul.
Of course, I don’t discover Grey is an Underworld god until I run into his billionaire brother, Raef. Meanwhile, another brother, Aroz — who happens to be the God of Lust — is helping his mother ruin me.
All three men are sexy-as-hell. Ditto on to-die-for. And deliciously divine.
When the unexpected strikes, I’m left with no time to debate.
Saving my brother will cost me everything.
A life for a life.
And a one-way ticket to the Underworld…
With a grumpy guy — God — who doesn’t want me.
Maybe I should reconsider.

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Category: Paranormal Romance