The Diner

by Mitzi Einstein

There’s nothing exciting about Rosie Porter’s life; she has been working as a waitress at a local diner in Phoenix, married to a cynical and frustrated man, and raising her teenage girl. Even though deep down she feels that she deserves more, the disappointments in her life have extinguished her inner flame and obliterated her self-confidence.
Until Doctor Jack Evans, the diner owner’s son, came along.
When his father has a heart attack, Jack returns to Phoenix to help with his recovery, while trying to also assist with something that doesn’t interest him at all – running the diner.
Jack and Rosie’s first encounter goes wrong and ends up with an unpleasant incident. But Jack, who finds out that Rosie is the one person who can help him, makes her a tempting offer.

Is Rosie on the way to change her life, or is the diner and Jack just another stop on her disappointment-riddled journey?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance