The Destiny Code: The Soldier and the Mystic (Daughters of the Empire Book 1)

by Suzette Hollingsworth

A closet Victorian psychic is outcasted when she has a vision at her presentation ball. Fleeing to foreign lands, she encounters the last person she wants to see: the dark lord of her vision.
Lord Captain Valerius Ravensdale, motivated by duty and honor, unknowingly kills an Egyptian friend in the Battle of Tel-El-Kebir, subsequently entering the dark night of the soul.
Alita can see Val’s destiny, but procuring his future would be the end to hers. The academic earl of Ravensdale and Princess Royals’ captain will not marry a quack or a soothsayer.
Romantic historical fiction with a shade of magical realism. Characters who come alive on the page, witty dialogue, historical immersion, fast-paced action, and a touch of mystery.

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Category: Historical Romance