The Desires of Elise

by Georgia Adler

This collection contains the following books in the Elise series:
Book one, the Second Edition of a three-book series, The Awakening of Elise, is a steamy novel that looks at the life of Elise Adair, a middle-aged woman in the midst of a divorce who finally embraces her true sexual desires. Sparks fly when Elise meets Wyatt, a young, dark-haired carpenter with his own dark desires. She experiences a sexual awakening that will forever change her life as they explore an erotic journey filled with lust and sexual experimentation. It is a journey that will awaken the deepest desires that she has hidden from herself. Lust, sex, and fetishes galore emerge along the way.

Book Two, Elise Unleashed, follows the life of Elise Adair, a woman in her forties, as she navigates life after her divorce. Elise soon discovers her desires have taken a dark turn as her relationship with a voyeuristic neighbor continues to intensify. Her insatiable thirst for sex after leaving a sexless marriage must be quenched, and there is no shortage of willing men who are ready to satisfy her needs. Elise struggles to come to terms with her desires as she is pursued by Wyatt Smith, a gorgeous carpenter who has fallen hard for her. Should she embrace Wyatt or allow herself to cross over to the dark side? Sex and exploration of fetishes abound as she traverses her new way of life in search of happiness and sexual fulfillment.

Book Three, The Seduction of Elise, follows our characters as they traverse fresh starts in their lives, including newfound love and sex….while some speed down a road filled with sadistic thrills and revenge.
In The Seduction of Elise, Elise’s struggle to find herself continues amid the start of a passionate relationship with Wyatt Smith and the ongoing temptation of her voyeuristic neighbor, Mitch. The horrors of Mitch’s true sadistic nature manifest as his prey, Alyssa, fights for her life as she attempts to end his existence. Complex relationships are formed when a married couple, Sarah and Jason, push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable while heading down a taboo path that will either ignite a new passion in their floundering marriage or destroy it. Will the exposure of her secrets wreck Elise’s rekindled romance or free her to explore the sexuality she had been forced to keep hidden? The Seduction of Elise is not for the faint of heart, with unexpected twists, turns, and thrills throughout this erotic tale of explicit and complex adult relationships.

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Category: Erotic Romance