The Depraved Duke

by Honora Wildhall

Nineteen year old Cecy North is an innocent, a well-bred lady and, as of a year ago, an orphan. Her uncle has arranged her wedding to the Duke of Newcastle, whom the gossips call The Depraved Duke. Cecy fears his reputation…and yet when she meets him, she is drawn to him, moved by his dark good looks and compelling voice.

Over the last year, Rafe has been waiting for Cecy to come out, for he sees something in her that tells him she could be trained to be the perfect wife: perfect not just as a hostess and the future mother of his heir, but perfect in another way, a more intimate way.

What he doesn’t reveal to Cecy is that for most of the past ten years, he has been a renowned rake in the pleasure palaces of London. Can he coax his wife into enjoying the forbidden pleasures that he revels in and excels at? Or will revealing his true nature drive her away?

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Category: Historical Romance