The Demons’ Muse: Books 4-5: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

by Auryn Hadley

The Lure of the Devil – Book 4:

There’s something to be said for being bad. Mostly, that it feels very, very good.

Angels keep screwing everything up. For millennia, the battle between Heaven and Hell has raged unchecked. The souls of humans unknowingly fuel it. That means it’s up to us, the worst definition of evil, to save Earth. The problem is that I still can’t quite understand why that makes us bad.

The Wrath of Angels – Book 5:

There’s nothing more terrifying than a pissed off woman – except the Devil. I’m both.

The angels warned me that I should fear their wrath. Theirs? Please! They have no idea who they’re dealing with. Not that I really do either, but I’m quickly figuring out that I’m a whole lot more than just an artist.

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