The Demon Squad MC Box Set Two

by Monique Moreau

Looking to ride in the fast lane?
Check out the bad boy bikers of the of the Demon Squad MC. Beware! It’s gonna be a steamy ride.
In Stanton’s Sins, opposites attract when a biker princess catches the eye of the high-powered attorney that’s prosecuting her big brother. Puck’s Property is the story of that big brother behind bars. In this second-chance romance, Puck comes across the woman he’d spurned years ago and makes it his mission to win her back. Puck’s best friend and the all-around screw up comes into his own in Whistle’s War when a runaway mafia princess finds refuge in a biker club in this New Adult biker-mafia romance.
These are morally gray anti-heroes. Each one is sexy, possessive, and who will do anything to get the sassy women they fall for.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance