The Deceiver

by J. A. Jackson

Prepare to lose yourself in a world of romance, intrigue and sultry secrets, a world inhabited by love, deceit, jealousy and betrayal.
After meeting Eve, at a party one night, Malak Deville, knew he enjoyed her company, and she was just the woman he wanted to spend his life with.
With nothing left to lose, Eve and Malak walk headfirst into something neither of them expected, but everything they need.
Suddenly strange things happen around them. When a mysterious woman appears on the scene with a warning about secrets, believe long dead and buried, it throws Eve and Malak together in an uneasy alliance to discover the truth.
Can Eve & Malak discover what’s truly important in his life before it’s too late? Or will a secret rival succeed in breaking them apart before they realize how much they mean to each other? Will Eve’s perfect world be lost to her forever?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance