The Dark Room

by Victoria Rush

When bored housewife Jade seeks to broaden her horizons, she discovers an erotic adventure club where naked strangers meet to explore each other’s bodies in mysterious dark rooms. Using special effects to project exotic light patterns onto their figures, the shifting shadows provide just enough illumination to highlight their naked bodies while protecting their identities.

Jade books an appointment and on the scheduled date drives out to a private countryside villa. She’s escorted to a chamber where three large glass cubes display different groups of people under changing light effects. She watches the naked figures touching each other in the mesmerizing glow and decides to enter the first cube.

What happens inside shocks and delights her. The feeling of being caressed and worshipped by multiple partners is exhilarating. As she moves from one dark room to the next, her arousal level rises in intensity, until she’s completely consumed and spent.

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Category: Erotica