The Daddy Dilemma: A Secret Baby Romance

by Tia Siren

A runaway bride. A secret baby. And a second chance at love.

Ashley left me standing at the altar six years ago like a jack@ss and then skipped town.
All I’ve thought about ever since is getting even.
F*#k me if she had her reasons.
And now that she’s returned, the least she can do is tell me what happened.
There’s no f*#king way I’ll ever take her back in my arms.
It’s too late for that.
But one look at her and my head’s flooding with memories of the good ol’ times.
I’m tempted to make her regret ever having left.
Kiss her all over.
Touch her where it makes her legs shake.
Make her scream out my name.
But there’s just one thing I gotta know.
The kid she brought back with her… is he mine?

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Category: Contemporary Romance