The Daddy Chronicles (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Darren and his dad Troy both want the same thing… and only Veronica can satiate their hungry desires.

After wandering into her boyfriend’s house and finding his smoking-hot dad walking naked through it, Veronica’s world opens up. She finds herself needing help with her car, and guess who is there to save her? Troy Matthews, the father of her boyfriend Darren.

She wants him. He wants her. The crazy thing is, Darren doesn’t seem too pissed about it. In fact, he encourages it. Soon, Vee finds herself at the mercy of them both.

What began as an innocent cry for help turns into something taboo and smoldering, as Veronica navigates this new earth-shattering trifecta with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s dad.

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Category: Erotica