The Curse of the Crow

by Abbey Fox

Nava Darrion stumbled upon her soulmate when she was young. A brief meeting with a hooded stranger forever bound her to a man she wanted nothing to do with. Her parents were also soulmates, marrying despite her father not being a magic-wielder, their forbidden love forcing their family into hiding.

Now that her parents are gone, Nava’s life raising her younger brother and selling potions to wary townsfolk has been quiet…and magic-free. But when the Society of Crows finds Nava, intent on enslaving her, she flees to the forest, searching for the one person she was told can protect her.

Arkimedes is certainly not what she expected, and her attraction to him is new and unnerving. As the chemistry between them grows, so does her power. With the Society closing in, the two create unexpected alliances, and work in their disagreements. One rejecting magic and the other a powerful, enigmatic fae who has secrets of his own and is determined to change her mind. Nava must decide if she is to follow her destiny or listen to her heart…or maybe discover they are the same.

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Category: Fantasy Romance