The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Malachi the Queer

by Damian Jay Clay

Finding the truth about who you are is only the first step. The second is fighting to hold onto it.

The son of a Baptist pastor has a secret: he’s gay. When his family discovers his secret, they send him to a gay conversion camp where his resolve is put to the ultimate test. From the depths of the profound darkness of what he is forced to endure, he may discover there is love and light to be found.

A genius and a good Christian boy… That’s the general opinion people have of Malachi Russell – so smart, quiet and well behaved. The perfect son for a celebrity, Baptist pastor.

But Malachi has secrets he’s kept hidden for the past three years. He doesn’t believe in god and, what’s more, he’s beginning to realise he’s gay. These are things he knows he must keep hidden until he can escape his family because he knows they will never accept them.

When his father begins to suspect that Malachi has developed feelings for men, he sends him to a gay cure camp in the middle of nowhere. Handcuffed and forced into the back to a people carrier en route to the camp, Malachi wonders: Is it possible to be so sure about yourself, to be so sure of who you are and yet still be terrified that you can be changed, not by evidence or reason but by indoctrination and fear?

Only his time at the brutal camp will tell.

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Category: LGBT Romance