The Cowboy From Down Under

by Maggie Carpenter

The Aussie Outback Has Never Been Hotter!
Is it hot enough to ignite smoldering erotic embers into flaming passion?

When extreme photojournalist Emma Harrison arrives in Sydney she cannot wait to face the challenges of the awe-inspiring Australian outback. She didn’t count on an overprotective, handsome stockman determined to keep her out of harm’s way.

No-nonsense Aussie cowboy Derrick Palmer is tasked with Emma’s safety. He knows how to tackle ferocious crocodiles, venomous snakes and wild weather. But a stubborn, reckless, yankee woman is a first.

So is the crackling carnal chemistry threatening to hurtle him into a blazing romance.

Will the adamant alpha male surrender to the defiant diva, or will the strong-willed woman find herself at his mercy?

If you enjoy suspense and thrilling romance, click the link and visit the stunning, savage Australian desert with Emma and Derrick as they face the greatest danger of all. Falling in love.

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Category: Western Romance