The Complete Kathlyn Trent-Marcus Burton Adventure Romance Series: Trent-Burton Series Bundle

by Kathryn Le Veque

In this Indiana Jones meets the Crocodile Hunter action/adventure series, fall in love with media archaeologist Kathlyn Trent and her Egyptologist husband, Marcus Burton, as they seek out and solve some of the world’s greatest and most exciting mysteries. All three books in the series are now bundled together for the first time in this limited edition collection. This bundle contains:

Valley of the Shadow: Kathlyn and Marcus meet for the first time in the Valley of the Kings, seeking out the hidden tomb of a long-lost pharaoh. But danger is never lurking far behind and it soon becomes a race for survival.

The Eden Factor : An ancient skeleton is found in a fossilized river and it is up to Kathlyn and Marcus to prevent a madman from using the bones for a sinister experiment. But that directive soon takes a fascinating twist as the basis for a legend is discovered to be real.

Canyon of the Sphinx: Egyptian pyramids in the Mayan jungle? Only Kathlyn and Marcus can discover the origins for sure but their lives take a dangerous twist when a threat emerges from inside Kathlyn and Marcus’ close-knit group.

Enjoy Kathryn Le Veque’s bestselling modern-day series with the Kathlyn Trent-Marcus Burton Adventure Romance series. History never looked so good!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance