The Complete Hidden Scars Series

by A.M. Myers

A series of three connected standalones that follow Emma Harrington and her brothers, Tucker and Trey, as they each struggle for a love of their own and come together as a family when one of them is in need. It’s full of heart and a few laughs, making it impossible to not fall in love with this whole family.


Emma Harrington is an intelligent, confident, sweet and sassy woman.

Or she was…before him.

Emma sets out to rebuild her life and find the person she once was. A wrench is thrown into her plans when she meets Phoenix West, a sexy as hell, smooth-talking tattoo artist.

Will she ever be free to live the life she truly wants? Or will her torturous past finally catch up to her?


Ten seconds can change everything.

Daisy Conners fell in love with her best friend’s brother when she was little more than a child. In the blink of an eye, Tucker Harrington became everything – the boy who made her heart beat faster with a single look and turned her world upside down. But you know what they say about young love. When it was clear that he didn’t feel the same way, she was forced to move on and let him go. All it takes is one toe-curling kiss in the middle of the night to rock the shaky foundation of their friendship and resurrect every feeling Daisy has been keeping buried for years.

Can Tucker finally let go and learn to accept the love that is right in front of him? Or is their relationship doomed before it even begins?

$2.99 Previously $9.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance