The Complete Ashport Mender Series

by G.K. Lund

Detective Nate Hansen thought he knew the shady side of the nice and touristy town of Ashport. That’s until he’s forced to work with Maggie Evans, a sometimes consultant to the police, and a thorn in Nate’s eye.

Maggie seemingly has no past, is uncannily good at interrogations, has questionable friends, dangerous enemies, and is somehow on the Chief’s good side. Through her, Nate is immersed in a supernatural world he didn’t know existed, one that will turn his life upside down. And that is nothing compared to the change Maggie herself brings to his life…

If you like kick-ass heroes, high stakes, dubious allies, hot romance, and potty-mouthed attitude, then you’ll love the Ashport Mender series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance