The Commander’s Captive

by Miranda Bridges


That’s right. I said it.

I know—it sounds stupid to me also. I’m a psychologist (sort of), so you’d think I’d be able to reason my way out of this mess. Except the reality is that I’ve been abducted to become their breeder, and it doesn’t take an advanced degree to recognize this is all sorts of jacked up.

But I digress.

Apparently, these aliens are on the brink of extinction and need me and my fellow captives to repopulate. Yay us. I guess it’s time to figure out an escape plan before they knock me up. I’ll be back later.


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Category: Science Fiction Romance

The Monarch’s Mate

by Miranda Bridges

My life sucks.

All the other human breeders have males who are head over heels for them, but do I get that? Nope. Not even close. My alien is the future king of the Dravian race and believe me, he acts like a royal jerk.

Yeah, sure, he’s hot as hell, but that is not the point.

Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out how to get him to do what I want when I stumble onto plans for an assassination. I decide to get involved because if anyone is going to kill the sexy prince it’s going to be me. Especially if he calls me his “namori” one more time. Whatever that means.

So now I’m trying to keep us alive, but he’s making everything difficult with his kisses and his… well let’s just say I better keep my mind focused and my legs, er… mouth closed.

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