The Closer We Get (The Oil Barons Book 2)

by Ann Jacobs

Erin Winters has struggled ever since the accident that took her husband’s life and left her young son seriously injured. Desperate to get her son the surgery he needs, she agrees to become a surrogate mother. But when the wife dies unexpectedly, Erin is suddenly faced with the demands of the grieving husband and carrying a child she has come to think of as her own.

Blake Tanner had it all–marriage to a woman he adored, a successful career as a lawyer, and a child on the way. Now, tormented by his loss and overwhelmed at the prospect of single fatherhood, Blake comes up with a solution that may be his final undoing.

In the hope that he can give his child the life he deserves, he asks Erin and her son to live with him. In exchange, he will provide them with all the advantages a Texas billionaire can offer. It’s a simple financial arrangement that makes perfect sense, until Blake’s grief is slowly replaced by a glimmer of hope–and desire the beautiful woman stirs in him.

As Erin and Blak surrender to the powerful sensual force that neither can ignore, the two must help each other overcome their anguish and dare to build a new life, and love, together.

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Category: Western Romance