The Christmas Light Keeper

by Elysia Strife

Kaci Paisley is on assignment as an interior design assistant for a new hotel being built in a small mountain town in the Oregon Cascades. Overworked and stressed, Kaci isn’t prepared for the brutal force of winter. Thank goodness, Lee Branton, a local power lineman is nearby to help her pick up her things. He’s the rugged kind of handsome that makes Kaci forget all about her deadlines and snow-soaked tablet.

A simple look turns into a date stringing up Christmas lights for others. Lee reminds Kaci of her father, always remembering to slow down, enjoy life, and help those in need. But Lee’s job has him braving elements she’s not familiar with.

When a storm rolls in Christmas week, burying everything in white, Lee gets called out into the night.

Can Kaci cope with the worry and stress?
Or is love with a lineman too much risk?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance