The Chippendale Letter

by E T McNamara

From the author of The Puzzle Pieces and Fate’s Final Destiny comes a two-generation romantic novel set against World War 2, the Vietnam War, and America’s space race. Discovering an unmailed letter from 1944 twenty-five years later in an old Chippendale chest, Vietnam War widow Patti Kilbride embarks on a journey to find the intended recipient. Caught up in her efforts to reunite two strangers from the past, Patti is unaware of the changes her search is having in her own life. Following the lives of a WWII naval aviator and a ‘Rosie the riveter’ aircraft factory worker, we watch their past lives eventually catch up with Patti’s present life. If you enjoy a good love story and at the same time want to experience what American life was like generations ago, this book is for you.

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Category: Historical Romance