The Charming Words of a Common Scoundrel

by Ramona Elmes

It all started with a late evening encounter between a scoundrel and a lady…

Sam Kincaide is known as nothing more than a common scoundrel and is only accepted in polite society because his adoptive brother is a duke. He happily embraces his reputation, never turning down a good time. Then something unlikely happens, he encounters Lady Clara, the young lady the ton calls the Ice Princess and even more surprising he likes her.

Lady Clara has a reputation as cold and unapproachable. Most lords and ladies avoid her at all costs. Her chance meeting with Sam Kincaide creates an unexpected friendship. Before she knows it, they are sharing secrets and inside jokes but what starts as a distraction from Clara’s impending betrothal becomes something more.

As these two unlikely friends become more drawn to each other, a danger lurks in the background that threatens not only their chance of happiness but also their lives. Can the most outrageous scoundrel in London and the Ice Princess of the ton really be the love match of the season?

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Category: Historical Romance