The Bullet Series: Books 1-3

by Jade C. Jamison

Jade C. Jamison’s bestselling series is more than rock star romance. Follow Valerie and friends as they experience love and loss. It starts with Valerie falling for Ethan and follows their toxic relationship…and beyond.

It begins with the epic love story BULLET:

Maybe it was because I’d been sheltered my whole life.

Or maybe it was because I didn’t know damaged goods when I saw them.

But when I met Ethan Richards in college, I fell hard.

When I become the only female in his rock band just as they’re starting out, I experience firsthand the horrors and temptations becoming a rock star can bring, and Ethan breaks my heart again and again.

The worst part is I know he’s not hurting me on purpose.

But he can be saved. I know it. I see the love and light in his heart.

If only I can show him before it’s too late.

This collection includes the first three novels in the Bullet series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance