The Boss’s Game

by Ava Walsh

I am an arrogant, self-indulgent and offensive pr*ck. Plus I am exceptionally good looking and rich. I can get any woman into my bed.

I am the new CEO of the family firm, the one who has to save the company from a financial crisis. I have to prove that I’m capable of it, because I have no practical knowledge. My skills include licking off ten belly shots in one minute and seducing Brazilian supermodels.

Women mean nothing to me. I don’t do relationships. I’m not interested in my conquests, just in whether I can fit their butts into my hands.

Until Kayla. She’s strong-willed and confident and her curves drive me wild. Her eyes command me to stay away, making me want her even more. But she’s my new PA. She’s off limits.

I know she wants me just as much I want her. So I propose a business contract. Just sex. Nothing more.

As if.

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Category: Contemporary Romance