The Bold Choices of a Devoted Lady

by Ramona Elmes

A denied attraction leads to more trouble than this heroine and hero could ever imagine.

The Duke of Peyton’s sister, Annie Kincaide, has a secret. She is completely enamored with her family’s previous man-of-affairs. Now the owner of a scandalous gentlemen’s club, Simon Miller is everything a proper lady shouldn’t want, and he flat out tells her as much. He may deny their attraction, but they once shared a kiss.

A kiss that Simon tells Annie to forget. Not because he doesn’t want her. In truth, Simon hungers to give her so much more than a chaste kiss. But Simon is in the middle of a treacherous game with a respected member of the ton that could endanger his life, and anyone associated with him.

Attempting to move on, they force themselves to not dwell on what ifs until a passionate interlude at an estate party divulges all their denied feelings. Within moments of their feelings being revealed, Simon receives word that there is trouble in London and leaves. Annie barely registers his departure before investigators and London Peelers arrive at the estate party, informing everyone Simon is a wanted man.

Annie refuses to believe Simon is guilty and takes matters into her own hands. She finds him at an inn, waiting out bad weather. He is livid that she sought him out and insists once the weather clears, she will return to her family. She insists she won’t.

Revenge, lust, honor, and love all come crashing together as these two race to prove that Simon is innocent, and his well-respected foe is the true villain.

*Steam level 3 to 4.

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Category: Historical Romance