The Billionaire’s Game: A Marriage of Convenience Romance

by Ava Greene

What’s a good cure for humiliation and heartache when you’re a jilted bride? Going on your honeymoon solo.

Jessica Mallory was desperate to escape the pitying looks and murmurs of concern she knew would come her way after her fiancée failed to show up to their wedding. So, she decides to take the trip to Monaco that she’d already planned—and paid for—as her honeymoon. And Matt couldn’t have been more delighted.

When a beautiful woman walks into his hotel casino, Matthew Miller always gets a tingle. But this time, he’s practically electrified. Because it’s a woman who’s familiar to him; a woman he’s wanted for a long time; a woman who needs his help after she gambles away thousands of dollars.

However, the help of a billionaire like Matt comes at a price. A really big price. Is Jessica willing to pay it? And will she even have time to before her ex-fiancée comes looking for her?

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Category: Contemporary Romance