The Billionaire’s Daughter

by Kayla Hensen

A billionaire’s daughter is about to find out that life extends beyond the lens of her selfies in the charming small town of Sweet Falls.

Uh-Oh! A car wreck and getting stranded in a small town, wasn’t on Ally Sinclair’s to do list for the week! Cut off from her family’s trust fund and with no resources to leave Sweet Falls.

Mechanic Mitch Dressen rescues Ally from the side of the road. Reeling from loss, Mitch offers to help in the form of a deal. If Ally can live for a week like a normal person, he’ll fix her car to help her get home.

Ally discovers a knack for baking pies, making her own way, and falls in love with cozy little Sweet Falls. She’s made friends a name for herself, and she has eyes only for Mitch–if he even notices her.

Mitch does more than notice Ally, but his broken heart is weary. As their deadline draws near, can he find a way to let the past go?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance