The Billionaire’s Christmas Secret

by Lacey Kendrick

Old flames, hidden truths, and a Christmas destined to change everything…

Five years away, and my heart still raced at the mention of Logan’s name. To the town, he was the unattainable billionaire elite, their golden boy. But to me? He was the man I once believed was the love of my life—the echo of whispered promises, the keeper of my heart’s most guarded memories—until that fateful Christmas five years ago when I felt abandoned and betrayed.

Returning as the town buzzed with preparations for Christmas, it wasn’t the twinkling decorations or bustling streets that caught my attention. It was Lucas, that young boy with eyes so hauntingly familiar, reminding me of a past I tried to leave behind. And then there was Logan, his same old charm tinged with a hint of regret, casting a sensual spell that made everything more confusing.

With every settling snowflake, I felt myself drawn closer to a truth I both yearned for and dreaded to discover. As the holiday season progressed, I had to wonder: Could the spirit of Christmas heal old wounds and lead us back to the love we once knew?

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Category: Holidays Romance