The Billionaire Gamble

by Sylvia Hart

Billionaire bosses are demanding. As a personal assistant, I do what it takes to please mine. Fetch coffee? Check. Schedule appointments? On it. But marry him?

Matthew Bradshaw, my ice-cold boss, is the best in the business. Working as his assistant lets me pick up tricks of the investment trade I’d never have learned otherwise. I’ll do almost anything to keep this job.

I just never thought it would involve marrying him. But when Matthew promises to take me under his wing and buy back my grandparents’ ranch from my abusive ex-husband in exchange for a year as his fake fiancée…

Well, how can a girl resist? It’s just a simple business transaction. Quid pro quo. It was never meant to involve sleeping in the same bed. Definitely not skinny dipping, or having him teach me just how demanding he can really be…

Maybe he can separate pleasure from emotion. Perhaps he can keep his head cool and walk away from our fake engagement without looking back. But me?

I’m in love with my billionaire boss…

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Category: Contemporary Romance