The Billionaire Deal

by Lori Ryan

Heartwarming romance with a streak of heart stopping suspense from USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, Lori Ryan.

He needs a wife. She needs a paycheck. But neither expect the heat in their marriage of convenience.

No one puts CEO Jack Sutton in a corner, not even his mother… or her will. If he wants his inheritance, he needs to be married, but no one said the marriage had to be anything other than a business arrangement. There are plenty of willing women, and they’ll play by the rules: stick to the script and don’t fall in love. He only has to find one in time. Too bad he only left himself a few hours.

Kelly Bradley made it into the law school of her dreams, but she has no way to pay and the tuition deadline is fast approaching. Marrying a billionaire might be a bit drastic, but spending one year on his arm will make all her problems go away… if she can keep her heart in check. That’s never been a problem in the past.

It’s a business arrangement, but when one thing leads to another will Jack be able to let Kelly go? Or can he find a way to renegotiate the deal of his life?

This is a standalone book in the Sutton Billionaires Series. A shorter version of this book was previously published in the Sutton Capital Series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Reuniting With the Billionaire

by Lori Ryan

Can they risk their hearts again?

Jill can play with Andrew Weston. They can have fun. They can even have a wild, no-strings-attached rebound fling. But he can never have her heart. Her ex-husband already tore it out and ripped it to shreds, and she can’t go through that again. Not even with the sexy billionaire from her past who tempts her at every turn.

Andrew’s falling for Jill Walsh. He knows he can’t stop it, but he can’t let her know how he feels. Not if he wants to keep his heart protected. He’s been betrayed by a woman like her before. He won’t be hurt by another. But that doesn’t mean he can let her go.

Any woman would want his vast fortune so he’ll use that to make sure she’ll marry him. But danger lurks in the shadows. And when Jill is at risk, Andrew will risk more than his heart to keep her safeā€¦ no matter the cost.

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