The Billionaire Blooper

by Lolita Thorne

Cade Bradbury. Billionaire island owner, at your service.
I’m not used to people giving me the finger.
Especially people I’ve just met.
Especially when I’m standing in front of my own island resort.
So I’m more than intrigued when cute but feisty Emma Clarke does just that…right after dumping a suitcase full of lingerie onto my sidewalk.
Questionable lingerie.
If this girl is who I think she is, then she’s in big trouble.
I won’t even bother going to the police to report someone soliciting…er…clients in my resort.
I’ll run Emma off the island, and enjoy every second of it.
Which is what I tell myself until I actually spend time with her.
Now I’m thinking I might have made a mistake.
I don’t want Emma off my island. I want her in my bed.
Which makes me wonder if she planned this every step of the way.
Me chasing her.
Me catching her.
Me falling in love with every inch of her…right down to that naughty finger.

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Category: Romantic Comedy