The Baker’s Billionaire

by Brooke Shelby

When one hometown baker goes toe-to-toe with an industrial Goliath, she finds that the journey, and not the destination, can be just as sweet. However, it will be a long road to saving Jackie Reed’s bakery. After generations of serving their community, the cute and popular Chocolate and All Sweet Things Bakery is facing demolition. With the greedy Miller Corporation breathing down their necks in the hopes of vacating the area in order to break ground on their new headquarters, time is running out! With her neighbors all against her, Jackie must put on one hell of a one-woman protest in the hopes of saving her beloved family jewel. Taking matters into her own hands, Jackie takes aim at none other than Chaz Miller, the CEO billionaire responsible for her bakery’s fate. With a little advice from her grandmother, Jackie decides that the best way to change a man’s mind is through his stomach. The only problem is that on the road to the stomach, and her ultimate goal, Jackie will have to first pass the heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance