The Arrangement

by Laura Taylor

All Oliver Levy wants is a normal life – family, career, and the freedom to make his own decisions. But as one of the world’s few remaining omegas, that goal has always been an uphill battle, having to constantly prove his worth and fight for every scrap of his freedom. So when Oliver receives a devastating medical diagnosis, his worst nightmare becomes a reality. His hormonal cycle is out of control, and during his next heat, he must either hand himself over to an alpha to be mated, or risk dying as his entire body goes into overdrive. Jet Wilder is living the dream. As a test pilot for the latest space technology, his job packs in plenty of thrills for the adrenaline-seeking alpha, rounded out with lazy surfing weekends. So when his boss asks him to assist an uptight omega with an out-of-control heat cycle, he’s not thrilled about the interruption to his carefree life.

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Category: LGBT Romance