The Angelics: Wildest Dreams

by Heather Kristian Strang

Fated Mates. Magic. Destined Lovers. Celebrity Romance. Small Town Love. Angel Romance. Psychic Romance.

Get ready for a mystical journey of love and destiny in The Angelics: Wildest Dreams. If you loved The Celestine Prophecy and The Notebook, this beach read is a must!

Veronica Walter, a 36-year-old woman, is trying to get her life back on track after a devastating breakup. She moves to a small town on the Oregon Coast to live with her sister and starts working at a quirky bookstore. Little does she know that her life is about to take a mystical turn when she experiences a series of prophetic dreams.

As Veronica delves deeper into her spiritual awakening, she discovers her Divine Counterpart and is faced with the challenge of overcoming a dark energy that threatens to keep them apart.

This psychic romance will take you on a journey of fated mates and destined lovers as they navigate their way through a world of paranormal synchronicities.

The two Angelics must activate their Divine Mission to assist the Earth in thriving in the frequency of Immense Love. But will they choose each other with so much trying to pull them apart?

The Angelics: Wildest Dreams is not just a romantic fantasy, but a guidebook for anyone seeking to unite with their Beloved or Divine Counterpart. This metaphysical fantasy features small-town love, a celebrity romance, PG-13 clean romance, and much more!

This is a book that will inspire you to live your own magical life, complete with your Beloved!

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Category: Paranormal Romance