The Alien Trade

by Phoebe Harlowe

Keen has one goal—find a woman with a very unique gift and give her to the warlord who owns him, thereby repaying his debt and buying his freedom. One woman in all the galaxies can free him and his crew from a dark fate. He just needs to find her, and time is running out.

Tasha has one goal—save her best friend’s life by selling herself to whatever alien occupier is willing to make a trade that gets her best friend the care she needs. She just has to find some alien worthy of trust, enough to believe he will honor the trade. And time is running out.

One kiss proves she’s the one.

One kiss proves he can be trusted.

But can Keen give her up when she awakens something in him he thought was dead?

And can Tasha let him go, when she feels more connected to him than anyone in her life?

But the warlord is vengeful, and he is waiting. And time is running out.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance