The Alaskan Detective Box Set

by HP Mallory

Even though the online world of Viking Valhalla is a vacation destination for the uber-rich, it looks and feels beyond real.
I can feel pain here just as easily as I can in the real world, but I can also feel pleasure. And no one offers the promise of pleasure more than the Viking King, Boden. Only problem is I’m not here for fun–I’m here to catch a killer.
As the top detective in my small Alaskan town, I’ve seen my fair share of cases.
But when a distraught widow insists her husband was killed by a gaming company, I find myself in new territory—virtual reality Viking territory.
It’s here I meet the Viking King.
King Boden is every woman’s dream with his immense height and build, his long, black hair and his piercing blue gaze. Strangely though, the King seems to have a mind of his own–one that’s focused almost exclusively on me. And yet… that should be impossible, right?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance