The ABCs of Dee

by Danielle Bannister

Would you date 26 men in a year for 50K?

Perpetually single 40-year-old Dee Harper decides to take up her rich bestie, Gail, on her dare: 50K to date 26 men, A-Z, in the course of one year. What could possibly go wrong?

A desperate for cash Dee begins her dating journey with Adam the Arrogant, then merges to Brian the Boring, to several letters that blur together in a whole slew of dating disasters that are burned on her brain like Eli the Energetic and Kevin the Klepto.

Join Dee as she navigates her way through the bottom of the barrel of what the male species has to offer, only to discover the cream of the crop in the most unlikely of places.

The ABCs of Dee is filled to the brim with heart and humor about the joys of dating ‘later in life,’ romance where you least expect it and the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice. Get ready for laughter, tears, and all the good feels.

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Category: Romantic Comedy