Thanking Her Brother’s Best Friends

by Ajme Williams

Being a national sensation failed to prepare me for a life of scandal that comes with sleeping with three men at the same time.

I have a son to consider. What was I thinking?

They are just not any men. They are my brother’s best friends!

Aiden is the hottest introvert I’ve ever met. He makes me want to cuddle next to him on the couch all night long.

Dominique’s strength feels like protection. His arms touch my curves and bring out the joy that I haven’t felt in years.

And Niall’s charisma and love for music has me dancing like a teenager.

My over-protective brother would lose his mind… along with the rest of the country.

My toxic ex has made it impossible for me to consider love, let alone love with three men.

But Aiden, Don, and Niall make me want to smash my past and risk my future.

Especially now that I have three more babies to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

And with my growing belly, this secret is just impossible to hide.

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Category: Contemporary Romance