Thankful for Us

by Ajme Williams

When I say that he broke my heart, what I really mean is that he did something I wouldn’t do to my worst enemy.

I hate Sam Wheatly.
I hate him for leaving me, and now for trying to come back into my life.

Yes, he left me for another woman.
A woman he thought was pregnant with his baby.
He didn’t just leave me. He also decided to marry that liar.

Well, his life is ruined . . . and I won’t let him do the same to mine.
Being born into a wealthy family doesn’t give him the green light to come and go as he pleases.

I’ve built a new life for myself since our breakup.
I cannot allow him to waltz back into my reality and screw everything up . . . especially as my competitor in business.

Holiday season is the best time to show Sam that I’ve moved on.
And I’ll prove to myself that I don’t love him anymore.
I don’t . . . right?

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Category: Contemporary Romance