Tempting a King

by Isla Drake

Finn King is the sexiest man in town, maybe the state. I can’t be sure. I don’t get out all that much. I’m certain he’s in the top 5 at least. He’s the only man I’ve been remotely interested in since my ex-husband left me and our infant son in this town 8 years ago, never to be heard from again. Unfortunately for me, Finn’s also my boss and one of my closest friends. Which means he’s off-limits.

Even if I were willing to cross that line (which I’m totally, absolutely not), there’s no way Finn ever would. He’s known for being dependable, predictable, reliable. He’s never once shown a hint of interest in me beyond professionalism and friendship. Not that I want him to. Because as I said, he’s off-limits. I might be single, boring and borderline desperate, but I won’t make a move on my boss. No matter how hot he is.

When a guest at the B&B spends his stay flirting with me, I’m flattered, but not interested. When it happens in front of Finn, I’m shocked to see a flash of unexpected anger from my normally calm boss. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was jealous. But that can’t be. Can it? One night in Finn’s office, he stuns me with a confession. I’m not strong enough to turn away from the need I see in his eyes. Did I say I wouldn’t cross that line?


Can two friends find a way to be more without ruining what we have?

What happens when we give into temptation?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Trusting a King

by Isla Drake

Have I lost my mind? I mean, probably not. Did I leave a 6 figure job with no notice and drive halfway across the state with no luggage and no plan for my future? Yeah, I might have done that.

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t in my right mind. I panicked. I acted on impulse. That might also explain why I kissed the hot cop who stopped to help me change a flat tire. And holy hell, was it a kiss! But it doesn’t matter because I’ll never see him again, right?


It turns out Mr. Hot Cop himself is my new boss’s brother. Things just got complicated. Especially when my boss leaves the two of us in charge of his business while he’s on vacation.

Will we remain professional or will we give in to the attraction simmering just beneath the surface?

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