Temptation To Sin

by Ju Ephraime

Shannon believes life should be lived to the fullest, and she sets out to do just that!
Twenty-eight year old Shannon had been in a platonic relationship with her childhood sweetheart for eight years. In the beginning, she’d thought she would be able to go through life, making do without the physical aspect of a sexual relationship, but after eight years of going through the motions, Shannon was ready to admit, she could no longer continue. So, she sets off on a quest to find the man who could meet all of her needs.
Brent was very angry when he found out his friend was pining after a woman who was heartless enough to lead him on, and then walked out on him, without so much as a, goodbye. He vowed to teach her a lesson by seducing her, and then he in turn would walk out on her, as she had done his friend.
Unfortunately, “The best laid schemes of mice and men, oft awry,” because after setting up an elaborate plan to meet Shannon, Brent gets caught in his own net, and no matter how hard he fights, he only becomes more entangled in the game of love. Now he has to work on making Shannon fall in love with him because he needs her love, like he needs air to breathe. The sparks begin to fly between Shannon and Brent as they fight to resist the temptation of a love that was inevitable.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance