Unexpected Daddies: A Romance Box Set

by RS Lively

A romance box-set of over the top alpha billionaires. From accidental marriage to big unpredictable surprises. These gorgeous men will have you on your toes and will whisk you off into worlds filled with passion and romance. The only question now is will you give these hunky daddies a second chance?

Book 1 – Lucky Daddy
Reilly O’Hara’s completely off limits.
It doesn’t matter that he’s the hottest man I’ve ever known.
I mean he’s my brother’s best friend and my new boss.
But at some point I gave into the temptation.
Now I’m carrying his baby.

Book 2 – Not Over You
Fiona was my first love and my best friend.
Ten years ago, I left without a word.
I never told her why. And I never got over her.
Now that we’re thrown together under the same roof,
Will I finally have a chance to make things right?

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Category: Contemporary Romance