Taxing Courtship

by Jaycee Jarvis

Lady by day, lockpick by night, Lady Emmanuella has serious misgivings about her latest sneak job, but she’ll do any dangerous task for the cacao beans needed to sustain her late mother’s temple. The job is only made worse by a compelling attraction to her sweet and sexy client—a dreaded tax collector, marked for service to the Troika by his feline familiar.

As an air-gifted Hand of Destin, Han-Auditor Quintin enforces the law with honor, until a powerful seer needs his help and the duplicitous Lady Em lands on his lap—literally. Caught skulking around his boss’s office, they pose as lovers. This seductive charade ends in disaster when Quintin must collect tribute from Em’s father’s estate. Exposing her will reveal their web of lies, protecting her could mean exile. Quintin almost wishes he’d never met Lady Em but if his lovely thief is so wrong for him, why do her kisses feel so right?

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Category: Fantasy Romance