Tavish: McLaughin Brothers Book Two

by Taylor Dawn

Tavish McLaughlin was used to getting his hands dirty in the family’s arms dealing business. When he wasn’t slinging ink—a front for the family’s nefarious activities—he carried out deeds that would make even the most seasoned criminal recoil in horror. Even the respite of the tattoo studio and copious amounts of whisky couldn’t wash away the memories of his most unspeakable act. As his secret slowly destroys the formidable man he used to be, Tavish must make sure it stays hidden…even if it kills him.
Greer O’Leary returned to Scotland with one thing on her mind…finding her missing sister, Sarah. With dead-end leads and no help from the police, Greer is more determined than ever to uncover the truth about her sister. The search leads her to the McLaughlin Brothers—a trio of men who would intimidate even the strongest of people. It’s too bad for them that Greer doesn’t scare easily. She will do what’s necessary to uncover the whereabouts of Sarah…even if that means holding one of the brother’s hostage to obtain answers.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance