Tattooed Hearts

by Sabrina Wagner

Forbidden… that’s what Clarissa Lynne Black was.

People do desperate things in desperate times. Sleeping with my brother’s fiancé wasn’t supposed to be one of them, especially on the day of his funeral. It should have been a one-time thing, but she was a siren calling to me with her sultry voice and stunning beauty. I should have known from the beginning not to fall in love with her, because you can’t keep what was never yours to begin with.
I used Zack to ease the loneliness and erase the sadness. If sleeping with the sexy as sin tattoo artist was wrong, why did it have to feel so right? I figured we’d call it an indiscretion and go our separate ways, but then he offered me something no one else could… a fresh start. There were things he didn’t know about me. Things I should have told him before we slept together. I spun a tangled web of lies I wasn’t sure I could escape.

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Category: Contemporary Romance