Tasty Cakes

by Molly Sloan

When my wife died four years ago, my daughter, my professorship, and my literacy program kept me focused.

There was no room for distractions.

But recently, a stop-off at the new bakery brought me face to face with the owner, Vivienne Cross.

Now I can’t get her sexy little smile out of my head. Her desserts are in my house. I see her “cupcakes” all over town. I even fantasize about frosting.

It’s been a long time, but I feel alive again. My world is not as dark as it once was.

But she lied to me. Turns out she’s an heiress.

Even if I forgive her, I’m an old-school kind of guy. I like to take care of the women I love.

What could I offer her that she doesn’t already have?

Would she be happy with me or want the bigger life within her grasp?

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Category: Contemporary Romance