Tangled Threads

by Stevie MacFarlane

He’s been warned not to tamper with the fragile fabric of the future, but danger is coming. Can he stop it and change his and Callie Mae’s destiny or will he run out of time?

Morgan Whittaker is a shadow of the man he once was. Plagued by personal tragedy, his marriage in shambles, and wounded while serving his last tour of duty he only wants to be left alone. His wife, a quantum physicist, offers him a once-in-a-lifetime chance…to travel back in time. What he finds there is more than he ever dreamed.

From the moment he heard about Callie Mae he was interested. The story of a young woman who rather than marry the man her preacher father chose, found a way to buy a saloon, The Duchess. The more he gets to know her the deeper his respect grows. His discovery that she is in danger brings all his protective instincts to life.

Will he once again follow the rules or will he throw caution to the wind and rise up to be the man he’s meant to be?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance