Taming the Gods: Volume One

by Aisha Fox

After an unexpected night of sexy solo adventuring, paranormal investigative reporter Shiloh West finds that her new bedroom toy must be the deluxe addition – not only is it the supreme satisfier, it also contains a supreme Goddess… who is now living rent-free inside her body. Endowed with the powers of the goddess, Shiloh soon learns that the subject of her current investigation, is, in fact, a werewolf. But when she outs the sexy billionaire Drake Belmont in the occult newspaper she writes for, nobody takes her seriously – except Drake.
With powerful magic at her fingertips and goddess-level desires surging inside her, Shiloh finds herself on the precipice of a romance that may prove even more dangerous than the war that’s brewing among the most powerful beings in all the worlds.

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Category: Erotica